Our Story.

Our Story

Meet The Creator & Her Family.

Arieal Taylor is a loving mother of 6 & has been a wife for 11 years. Her favorite singer is Beyoncé, she is a homeschooling mom & a fun quirky spirit. She has been creating delicious homemade treats since she could walk. Home baking & candy making were apart of many lessons passed down in the kitchen from her grandmother. Her engulfing love for treat & candy making only grew when she faced one of the hardest moments in any child’s life , losing grandma. Arieal did not give up on the idea of becoming a candy maker since she admired the ever famous WILLY WONKA. She began using baking & experimenting with food in the kitchen with her family. Glittariee Cocoa began July of 2020 exactly 7 years after her grandmothers passing & during the largest pandemic this world has ever experienced. Arieal wanted to give little lights of happiness & hope to her friends and family..so she packaged her sweets up and sold her creations covered in art with an inspiring message.

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